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“My career has been a journey of constant evolution – from coding to leading development teams, managing services, and now, architecting complex cloud application solutions.

My passion lies in tackling challenging requirements and transforming them into efficient, scalable solutions.”

What I do..

Custom Solutions

Expertly crafted solutions designed to fit your unique business needs. From planning to implementation, ensuring a perfect fit for your objectives.

Comprehensive Services

A complete range of cloud services, from data storage to serverless computing to cover all your cloud requirements.

Ongoing Support

My commitment doesn’t end with deployment. I provide ongoing support and development to keep your cloud solutions efficient and up-to-date.

About me

With 20+ years as a software developer/architect and almost five years of experience as a senior cloud engineer, I have a passion for creating innovative and scalable solutions that leverage the power of cloud technologies. My mission is to enable automation, orchestration, and integration across different platforms and systems, using the latest tools and frameworks.

I am used to take responsibility for designing and developing enterprise-level solutions mainly in AWS, with integration to on-premise systems using technologies such as ECS, SES, SNS, SQS, S3, Lambda, StepFunctions, API-Gateway, DynamoDB, MySQL, Terraform, Serverless, Docker, Go Golang, .Net C#, VSCode, SAM, REST & GRPC -APIs, Github, Jfrog, Scrum, and many others technologies and techniques. I usually collaborate with other teams and stakeholders to manage requirements, plan, test, and deploy the solutions. I have a strong background in DevOps, IaC, and object-oriented modeling, as well as a certification in .NET architecture.

some of My latest projects

AI-Powered e-mail management

Smart forwarding and AI-powered categorisation (spam, operational, administrative etc.)

Multi/Hybrid Cloud

Integrating with on-premise systems, multiple cloud vendors and stand-alone SaaS-services

Terraform Provider

Role creation (REST-API Omada Integration)

Automated Reporting

Automated reports of cloud data in Excel sent out by templated e-mails

Multiple API’s

Designed/created/implemented REST and GRPC -API’s


Va:derkvarnsgatan 24a
753 29 Uppsala


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